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It’s All Because of God’s Amazing Grace

New guitar instrumental – It’s All Because of God’s Amazing Grace

Trying out my new guitar with this track. Great song! Check out the lyrics below if you have time. Enjoy!

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Amazing grace, oh how sweet the sound
that saved a poor sinner like me
Though once I was lost, yet now I’m found
Though I was blinded, now I see


It was all because of God’s amazing grace
Because on Calv’ry’s mountain He took my place
And someday, some glorious morning
I shall see Him face to face
All because of God’s amazing grace
Through disappointment and danger, too
through labors and sorrows we’ve come
But God’s grace has guided safely through
And it will surely lead us home

Then with the ransomed around God’s throne
We’ll praise our redeemer and King
We’ll tell how His mercy for sin did atone
Through countless ages this song we’ll sing

It's All Because of God's Amazing Grace