Trying to Use all Six Strings

Just a Wayward Lamb (vocal version)

This is a vocal version of the hymn “Just a Wayward Lamb”. Enjoy!
The guitar instrumental version is here:

(FREE download available when you go to the link above)



Just a wayward lamb wand’ring from the fold,

Out upon the mountains so lonely and cold;

“Come and follow Me,” hear the Shepherd’s plea,

“Safely on my shoulders I’ll carry thee home.

I will lead in pastures, meadows green and fair,

If you follow Me I will guard thee with care;

Listen to my pleading, I will guide thee home,

Live with me forever, no longer to roam.”

And with tears He led me gently to His side.


Jesus, the Good Shepherd, Died upon the tree,

Suffered untold torment for sheep just like me;

He became the Lamb when He took my place –

O what boundless mercy, what infinite grace!

Now I’ve found contentment in this love divine,

Safely in the fold with the ninety and nine;

Thus I fear no evil, for He’ll guide me home,

Happy in the presence, no longer to roam.

Goodness, love and mercy always shall be mine!


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