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Chew Up (Music Video)


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(Reposted from John Christian Yayen)
Let’s support Palaweño SIMON ALMIRA’s DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE, “Cashew Decade” on FEBRUARY 8, 2016 (Monday) at Haim Chicken with “Wateber” (unplugged) as front act!
Simon Almira on his song:
“In life we should embrace our past and move on if things don’t work.
Life is all good like all the food around. Chew up! Cheer up!”
chew up, chew up, chew up
Verse 1:
until sunrise i’ll be here alone
only if you’ll tell me you love me
can’t find a good way to say
that you’re the one that I’m missing, I’m missing
chew up, chew up, chew up
Verse 2:
doing it again slipping those words
all that I’ve said has been erased now, wasted now
I see that your life is demure
all the way, all the time you’re gone, gone, gone
move on, move on, move on
see yah, see yah
chew up, chew up, chew up
Vocals and Guitar: Simon Almira
Lead Guitar and Sound Engineer: John Varney
Videographer/Editor: John Christian Yayen
*Shot and recorded live January 27, 2016 at Mt. Magarwak, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Seen on the videos are the views of km 15 North Highway, Honda Bay, Hills of Magarwak, and Mt. St. Paul (mountain above Underground River).
Recorded and Produced by Island Sound Studios, Bible Believers Baptist Church, Pajara, Sta. Monica.
Album Release Events:
February 8, 2016 (Monday, 7:30 pm at Haim Chicken)
February, 13, 2016 (7:30pm at Mayad Cafe with Blue Bossa)
FREE Mp3 download of “Chew Up” at SoundCloud @ “Simon Almira”
You can contact Simon at
He currently works as a freelance musician in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
CD Release
1. Simple Sam
2. Goal
3. Come to Me
4. Free my Eyes
5. In Love
6. Wish You Were Around
7. I Remember
8. Buhay Nga Naman
9. Ikaw
10. Reyna Rad
11. Pag-asa’y Di Ka Iiwan
Bonus Tracks:
Isla Ganda Palawan
Tayo na sa PPUR
Online Release
1. Why
2. I Feel the Love
3. My Love for You
4. Chew-Up
5. Isang Katulad Ko
6. Sana Pwede Na
7. Sa Jeepney
8. Nawiwindang
9. Ikaw ang Nais Ko
10. Ikaw Pa Rin
11. Ako ang Mag-gigitara
12. Ano Man
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